Fake snakes

Remember what i said in trying to be the hero, and how all this crap is fake

here is an exact comment section for this example.

So there was a tiktok about a girl recording nd showing her experiences being black in China(edit)

And when the other girls were talking about how they would feel uncomfortable and how the staring is very rude they were met with This

"the world doesnt revolve around the us, stop moralising, stop projecting"

"you live in a western bubble, (oh you dont live in the US?) well eoesnt matter "

"Wow sinophobia is real"

"Then stay there"

"then dont go"

Obviously, this is a troll.

Because its the same person commenting over and over to the same exact points.

Ya ever wonder if these people would be on Catfish? I always wondered what they'd look like, but really it doesnt matter

because when you think about it or not, you interact with these people daily, you just don't know it.

And thats the first path to letting go of toxic internet conversations, next to just getting rid of them altogether.

Anyways see hoe the person just tried to turn this from a discussion about racism into a western ignorance, then did a full DARVO and called the commenter

racist and ignorant for this concern?

And none of the comments were racist, only the replies towards the women sharing how ncomfortable they'd feel and saying theire introverts were being attacked and villianized.

This is why im telling you its all fake, its juts political tactics. Also it damages trust issues too.


Another example was this tiktok of a woman saying shes cooking for her 41 kids and the comment section is another uneccasry battleground for moralising

1. people insulting others for not liking her having 41 kids because apparently we shouldve known they were foster children

2. People trying to paint this issue as some kinda politcal thing for 3rd world countries, i forgot the result

3. people saying "lol stop having kids"

basically people getting angry at the people commenting number 3

Someone made a good argument for a mother raising children, said people were making retarded comments

then the person replying just diregarded everything she said and focuesed on the word retarded and siad could you not say that without

using an ableist slur.

This isnt empathy in the slightest, and it isnt being a good person per say.

Its playing victim and being a hero because you want the other person to be a villian and just watch the world burn.

Im saying this stuff is concern trolling and its not real. Its a crab bucket world online and people feed off eachother like parasites.

and profit off of others pain and also reel innocent bystanders into it.

This is just another form of tone policing.

First, i mean you should have enough empathy to undertsand that not everyone knows its foster kids,

and if you want to explain and are upset by this for some reason then just say oh yeah for everyone concerned, blah blah


Really what they couldve done is if they disagreed they wouldnt try to act like someone personally hurt them. I just dont understand

this behavior.

This is dividing and conquering, there is no unity. Its just fighting with every video, every scroll, every post.

Based on


2. NO explanation



and for the ableist slur comment

Really what good is it for the person to try to fight the battle of the girl saying retarded?

Im sure she has personal stake in that word, but does she? Is she just saying it because we all know its a bad word.

But what good does it to chastise her now? She can't edit an instagram comment.

People can say and do whatever they want, literally. A tiger could eat you, or walk past you.

If you feel threatened by the tiger or if you think the tigers a lil cutie, or if ya repect the tiger and wanna not get in its way and cross paths is up to you.

All this is, is drinking poison and expecting the other person to feel your pain.

And your trying to manipulate them with your emotions, instead of saying what this could mean.

Everyone is so agressive for no reason, but all their doing is feeding the monster.


Which is why i laugh so hard at people pretending to care about facebook of all things making teen girls insecure.

Oh of course thats the problem, dont have a talk about society, just blame people posting naked photos of themselves.

Those girls are the direct result of the culture that makes teen girls insecure, they were the insecure teen girls themselves.

You ever think the people commenting on their bodies are the ones to blame?

I feel like from my lense people have zero empathy, and if they do its warped and distorted by many factors and other peoples narccisim.

But half if me thinks this troll is doing what they see everyone else doing

saying buzz words, and trying to get the higher ground. Right now since the US is a superpower its kinda a thing to make fun of us,but some people like to play along because they think its empathy to do so.

It indeed is not.

And not to mention they completely disregarded the issues on racism, which would explain why she commented and felt this way about it.

Now isnt that just funny,

and they have the nerve to pull a switcheroo.




But in reality should is not always should or would or could.


Thanks for reading my rant, i wonder if this bothers anyone else but if they replied to it obviously someone feels the same way.