Threatening Suicide and Infantalization of Suffering

If you scroll anywhere on Social media you will have probably seen this post And maybe you've experienced it firsthand.

This never stuck right with me. I talked to you about one person who was going through something similar but i never wanted to say how i truly felt because its bad to say that someone who is making suicide threats is attention seeking.

But now i don't care anymore, not in a mean way. But in a truth bomb way atleast.

This is really the definition of attention seeking, because you cannot do anything.

This is an ominous message and pretty much a test from the suicidal person to see if you care. Or it could be a spark of the moment message before death. The truth is it rarely happens this way. Suicidal people are usually the ones you least expect or don't check for. But these people that constantly suicide bait in group chats and never seek help are attention seekers.

When i was feeling down these people would always pop in, and wed try to console them and make tem feel good but all they did was deny, deny, deny, and keep on suicide baiting. But you can't get angry at them because theyre sad and really theyre a ticking time bomb.

I started to get upset because once again, it felt like nobody cared unless i became one of those people. I mean nobody makes tiktoks about regular suicidal people, instead its this behavior. And the joke is, they celebrate it. They don't try to change, because they won't. They don't say how bad this behavior is, because then YOUR the bad guy.

This behavior is harmful, and its disgraceful to be honest. You need to actually seek help, find reasons why, instead of intruding on other suffering peoples progress. We all come here for a community, so we can get better, not form a crutch of forever sadness. Nobody is born suicidal, there is always a reason for this behavior and depression.

Anybody who thinks this behavior is okay truly wants to suffer and wants to be unhappy. And there is nothing you can do for these people. Of course you can be nice to them, but be honest, and try to engage.

When i see mental health instagram infographics all i see is people infantalzing people with these illnesses. Once fully goren adults are now reduced to baby bottles and bibs. The bottom line is the world wont bend over for you no matter what, but its also not your enemy nor out to get you. You did something, you had something happen to you, you have to heal. Don't be afraid to ask for advice or help, but this behavior is what causes more suicides then anything else.

Hell this is narccism, because of how self absorbed it is. But i dont blame that, because when you suffer you always wonder what you did, why this is happening, and you kinda relate everything to yourself and you get tunnel vision.

And i feel the same way about how society treats autism nowadays, autism isnt seen as a disability anymore, in fact media has shown it into a positive light. WHich is why we don't need to bend over backwards in treating people with these conditions as anything other than regular human beings. I think alot of people once again use this as a crutch to make them not deal with their problems in communication Its a social disorder, but that doesn't mean anything. You still have to live life and be at peace. remember when i told you when i wanted to be apart of those communities? well all i saw were people trying to put walls up to stop themsslves. when i was in special ed, everyones excuse for everything was autism, it even overwhelmed them. But now we know the reason, what are you going to do about it? What can you? I mean nothing about society will change to fit this narrative, especially since this condition isnt as severe as downs syndrome "yadda yadda spectrum". Peoples portrayal of autism is actually kinda detrimental, because acting like Seiki K or being some stoic emotionless anime character isnt really anything special, its detrimental. And trying to make people who want these social connections into your enemy(chatty cheery stupid girl who is "neurotypical" vs. stoic antisocial austistic person who has super mind powers) isn't gonna do anything for you either. Mostly because its based on archetypes, none of the people in my special ed class acted like that, and the dudes for damn sure annoyed the crap out of me, so i guess i was the stoic "cool" antisocial one. Not to mention antisocial is another word for sociopathy so thats another bag of worms.

I don't know your situation, or anything about you. It annoyed me when they got overwhelmed so easily by hardships, because i tried to help and i also couldnt understand but it would be futile. Which makes me laugh when alot of these online circles are trying to paint themselves in the same vein as racism and anti-blackness, once again co-opting a movement that will gain them sympathy and they can pull a switcheroo.

What bullshit i say to that. Just shows you how much they DO NOT give a fuck about other peoples issues but themselves. This is what i mean by there being less empathy, acceptance, love in the world.

Really i dont mean it, there is plenty, its innate and nothing fantastical. Its peaceful, which means its far away from these spaces. But it is hard to spot if you see evil and hear evil on a daily, hourly basis.

Everyone wants to suffer so they can do nothing for this earth and feel okay about it. But they still have the will to live, so they do nothing but hurt themselves. Self-harm.

People that ive seen suffering and going through depression are some of the nicest, kindest people ove ever met. And all i want to do is hold them and make it all be okay. Half in part because i know/or think that nobody will be there for them when they are suffering silently. But that isn't true because many people are there, they just have to be willing to show love, kindness, and help out. It doesnt have to be big, and you dont have to stay a while, just could be a simple touch or a simple wise word of advice.