The more things change


Hello everyone today id like to talk about colorism


Colorism is alive from colonialism. Colonialism expanded so far and desecrated every black and brown nation that what prevailed is colorist, obsession with being white.


As much as we are accepting colorist holds us by our tailbones and seeps into our mind, generationally.

If we are not mentally strong, your self esteem will dissolve and you will die from colorist.


We see this in asian communities a ton, and my own. Skin bleaching, changing a gods skin color, wiping of history, beauty standards, poor dark, light not poor, etc.

It’s embarrassing.


When we are told to love ourselves and when we begin to people will try to put you down because people

Profit off of how much you hate yourself. The only thing that should talk is your actions, your passions, and your lifestyle.


Dark skin is the original factor, look it up. It’s the first.


I see this with the whole Black Ariel thing, people want to tell you it’s not about color, when the same people saying it started this war based on skin color. People are uncomfortable, people make it political.



I never played a card, I wouldn’t even be here if colonialism and slavery happened, this is a centuries old game they’ve played.


This is only good, even if I said my thoughts on the other side you pick and choose what you agree with and go forward.


What ive been meaning to elaborate is that the wound of colorism and colonialism is still prevalent in that spectrum, they promote diversity but I want them to be the people that are affected by it. I want them to know the truth of the matter, the reasons why. And honestly, I think they are using this as a political guise to swift you, but they still are being colorist.


Like artists that draw characters with vitiligo, why not just draw a black, dark skin person? I find it to be a distraction, why is it only acceptable and unique when its mixed with something else? It became weirdly prevalent after black artists have boomed with art, and adressed concerns. It seems like every step seems to be met with attack and acceptable diversity. Aswell as attack from “anti-sjws”. The problem is the issue is in itself political because the games from long ago that prevail now have been political, but it needn’t and shoultdnt be. Only the people that benefit from this system are making it political, this shouldn’t be an issue, and it wouldn’t if colorist didn’t exist.


The truth is, its ingrained in everyone, and the people who benefit from it will feel especially attacked too. Politics are a game with no end. Who told you to hate yourself?